Medical Office Development & Design (MODD) professionals make the construction process easy for the client by being their primary contact in managing all aspects of the tenant improvement (TI) process. When the client is satisfied with the initial space plan and facility design concept MODD collects at least 3 quotes from local architects that are well known for their experience in medical office design. MODD then provides the client with a summary of those quotes and access to each architectural firm’s portfolio and references. As soon as the project’s architect is chosen MODD’s interior designers work closely with that firm to ensure the client’s space plans and design concepts are incorporated into the architectural drawings.

The next step is to choose a contractor to complete the tenant improvements. Again MODD handles all of the details in collecting at least 3 quotes from local contractors who are experienced in tenant improvement construction for medical offices. The client is provided with a summary chart of each quote comparing build-out cost estimates, build-out time estimates and list of referrals. Once the client chooses a contractor MODD facilitates getting the completed and permitted architectural plans to the contractor and begins planning the TI project and timelines.

During the construction process MODD is the primary contact for the contractor, providing oversight of the TI process to ensure the client’s design plans are being translated as expected. Regularly scheduled meetings with the client keep them abreast of issues and decisions needed without hassles or interruptions in their patient care schedules.