The space planning process is the ideal starting place for healthcare professionals who are planning a new office, an expansion or a move. Medical Office Development & Design (MODD) analyzes the characteristics of the client’s current operation or expected operation and assists in identifying facility needs that optimize work flows, ergonomics, privacy and even growth potential. A space analysis summary provides the client with total square footage needs, individual functional space needs as well as any special considerations.

Seeking the ideal location for your new office becomes much less of a guessing game when an ideal space plan is developed. The space planning process and summary prepared by MODD assists the client in finding the ideal location for that new office, taking into account geographic, demographic and/or facility access factors. Our commercial real estate partners specialize in finding ideal locations for healthcare professionals. With the client’s space needs fully identified those partners work hand-in-hand with MODD to find the perfect facility for our client.