The Interior design process begins during the space planning phase. Interviews with the client(s) and key staff members allow the interior designers at Medical Office Development & Design (MODD) interior designers to develop a program that reflects the client’s preferred style while meeting the needs of the occupants and visitors. During the interior design process MODD uses the client approved style concepts and functional needs to research our vast array of vendors and provide you with suggestions for furnishings, casework, fixtures, lighting, finishes and accessories that bring these elements together. Approved fixtures, flooring, finish and lighting preferences are shared with the contractor during the initial client’s bidding process to ensure the best estimates for the TI construction costs are collected.

MODD also provides the client with a schedule of the selected furnishings and accessories (those not included in the construction process) that includes product costs, distributor or manufacturer contact information and lead times. At our regularly scheduled meetings, this schedule is reviewed with the client thus assuring the client that items are set up to be delivered when planned for installation. The MODD professionals facilitate the purchasing and installation of all or part of the office furnishings and accessories, depending on the client preference.